Straw Hat Pirate Sneakers


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Luffy Gear5 form Sneakers

Custom Fanart Design


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Long description:

The pure white air force feels comfortable in the shoes, they don’t feel heavy.

Shoe model is more fat, but collocation also does not pick, still belong to joker — function wind jacket is tie-in restoring ancient ways string standard trousers, wear military shoes above again, integral modelling is contracted vogue. Jeans and T with air Force shoes are also very simple and good-looking.

The classic embedding mode in the midsole interior structure, configuration, technology and many other aspects doomed Nike Air Force One’s grand, durable, transcendent, heroic, coherent and pure characteristics.

If it lasts a long time, there will be no cracks or faults. Generally, there will only be shallow natural folds and contractions.

These little white shoes are out of fashion.

Short description:

1. The sole is made of wear-resistant rubber (soft DU rubber).

2. It is very soft and elastic, breathable to wear, and the feet feel very comfortable and gentle.

3. In terms of package and comfort, it is top-notch.

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Straw Hat Pirate Sneakers
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